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FA Women's Premier League Southern Division

FA Women's Premier League Southern Division
The FA Women's Premier League is a part of the women's football division in England. The southern division and the northern division make up the third level of a women's football pyramid and these two divisions are below the super league and national division for women's football competition.

Women's Football Competition and Teams
The southern league is played on a home field and on various playing fields away from home. The competition for women's football allows each team to play each other twice and points are awarded with a traditional football format. The competition league champions are eligible to play in a women's league cup and in the FA women's cup. There are ten teams that comprise the southern league and the 2012 to 2013 champions of the national women's division are based in Reading. The national champions from the 2011 to 2012 playing season are based in Portsmouth. 

Club Divisions of the Women's Football League
The women's football league is comprised of several clubs that have their own finishing positions. The latest finishing positions for club players include Brighton and Hove Albion, Gillingham, Lewes, Tottenham Hotspurs and West Ham United leagues. All of these club leagues have placed in their own divisions including Tottenham Hotspurs which placed sixth overall in club division play. 

Ladies Football and the Tottenham Hotspurs
The Spurs Ladies are among the teams that play in international competitions in women's football or soccer. There are several international competitions that are included for national teams and club sides. The Spurs Ladies can play in the following women's league competitions:

  • A national team competition is available for the Spurs Ladies that is run by the FIFA women's world cup Olympic football governing body. Team competitions are included as a part of the FIFA U-20 and FIFA U-17 tournaments. There are other global events for the Spurs Ladies including a Cyprus cup and a university sponsored football tournament series.
  • European tournaments are available for the Spurs Ladies. A UEFA championship and an under 19 championship may be entered. An under 17 tournament is available and their are various regional and domestic club competitions.
  • South America has a women's football tournament that the Spurs Ladies may participate in. The South American Pan American games are for those football players who are under 20 and under 17 years old. Pan American games can be entered that are sponsored by Central and North American countries. The Caribbean countries have tournaments as well.
  • International soccer play is provided by additional countries that include Asia, Africa and Oceania. Each of these tournament regions host their own games that are available for competition play by the Spurs Ladies at various levels of tournament completion.

Spurs Ladies and International Women's Football
Several of the international tournaments have their own method of qualification. There are age limits for entering specific games and each tournament has a series of competitions that are being completed by the entering players. There are world rankings for the lady soccer players and a player of the year is designated by several of the international tournament governing bodies. 

Games and Multi Sport Events
The Spurs Ladies are among the multi sport athletes that play in this type of event. Games or events include several sports with their own competitions that are played over multiple days. A multi sport event can feature a competition in women's football. The Pan American Games are among the largest of multi sporting events. These games are usually modeled after the Olympics and have the same structure. 

Spurs Ladies and Hotspurs Membership
Members of the Hotspurs club can see the Spurs Ladies live at Ware FC. There are tickets that can be purchased ahead of time and tickets for fans under 5 years old are free. Spurs Ladies is one of the biggest competitions in London and there are 11 teams that play in the first team of the FA Women's Premier Southern Division. The club for the Spurs Ladies has three senior sides and eight junior sides. A team under 10 is a part of the competition roster. 

Spurs Ladies and the Residential Programmes
The Spurs Ladies sponsor a residential programme for up and coming football players who wish to stay at a location during their athletic training. Each resident is offered their own living quarters and meals are provided on site. The training programme consists of daily workouts and soccer training that is appropriate for professional women's football league competition. There are holiday soccer schools that are offered for those rising soccer stars who wish to train during certain seasons of the year. Our women's football training is completed by qualified and trained professional athletes who have their own accomplishments within the women's football athletic world. Our trainers and coaches come from the best that the soccer sport has to offer. Our trainers are certified and licensed for the sport that they are offering. 

Future Spurs Ladies Players
Each new residential or holiday soccer student is trained for future professional competition. We have a new training centre that offers the latest technologies and sporting equipment for training and athletic conditioning. Athletic conditioning can include gymnasium workouts and nutritional counseling for each athlete who participates in our soccer training programmes. Our training programme includes stadium tours and participation in club competitions. We use the latest information about athletic training and sports conditioning in order to assure our parents that our students are being trained in the proper methods. Injury prevention is always a requirement for all of our football students. We use training equipment that is state of the art and non threatening for any athletic student. Our parents can visit our facilities at any time and can speak with our staff coaches and trainers. We can outline our training programme for any of our current students and our training programmes are followed as a part of a structured training regimen for each athlete in training. 

The FA Women's Premier League is a part of the southern division of the national women's football association. Our women's league participates in international competitions around the world and plays in our own club sides as well. We have a new state of the art women's football training facility.